Tom's Pyro Links Sara Park Public Display Snapshots

These pictures were shot throughout the entire event. My main goal this weekend was to build and shoot rockets - the pictures came in a distant second to my desire of lighting up the sky.

You have my permission to use these for personal use only. If you use these for other projects/publications, please let me know. (I have higher-res versions for some. Why didn't I post them? You mean an edited 800x?? version is too small?)

A rocket on a stick? Howzabout a K250 on a pole?

I wonder what kind of divot this would make???? Hmmmm.....

The Colorado Contingient was well represented. (Sorry you couldn't make it, Charlie)

Half a shell - before assembly.

Weighing out the lift for an 8" shell.

It's all a balancing act. (Pun intended.)

When I drove in on Wednesday night, it was raining. I mean, it was RAINING, complete with fog. This was what the manufacturing area looked like at first light, Thursday.

Did I say it RAINED? Complete with mud that looked (and acted) like dog poop. The odor? Well, there was a rodeo here a week before....

Tim was active snapping pictures.

Guy admiring Devon's spin-stabilized 1 lb. rockets. Yeah - they flew! No, no pictures.

When Bruce Stayding shows up, all the rocket guys (and for that matter, everyone else) comes over to admire his wares.

Bruce always makes his rockets look good - both in the air and on the ground. Here he tops it off with some stars - the 5-pointed kind, not the pyro kind.

These are most impressive. And they're not the 'big' ones!

Bruce's attention to detail extends to storage and fin protection.

Working Safety on the B-Rocket line. If you want to get hooked on rockets, just pull a shift or two on the rocket line. That's what Bill Ryan did, with Gary Burg helping out. (Those two filled in for Tom's missed presence.)

Guy shows us what it takes to light a rocket. Fuse is lit, he's walking (not running) to the blast shield, his eyes are on where he's going (instead of the fuse), he's extinguishing the torch, and of course the ever important tongue-between-the-teeth. (This is more important than you know.)

Guy and Bruce setting up a large rocket.

Bruce lighting the fuse. (I was behind the blast shield when it went off. Sorry - no lift-off picture.)

One of Rodney's rockets lifting off of the tubes.

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