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These pictures are all of the Public Display on Saturday night. I chose to go across the lake to an area where the locals all hung out. I first went on top of a bluff about 12' off of the water and as close to the shore as I could get. About half way through the display, I went down to the lake's edge. All the shots have been modified with PhotoShop.

You have my permission to use these for personal use only. If you use these for other projects/publications, please let me know. (I have higher-res versions for some. Why didn't I post them? You mean an edited 800x?? version is too small?)

I showed up to choose my seat while it was still somewhat light outside. That ment I had to wait over 2 hours until show time. Here is my view of the London Bridge - just to 'test' the camera.

The display started fast and furious, and sped up from there. I had to be careful not to keep the shutter open too long.

Again, the willow shells appear soft. I saw some snapshots of willows that looked much better.

This shot shows the importance of having some kind of remote shutter device. I didn't have one on me, and because I'm using a digital camera, the local camera store didn't have one in stock.. Nothing beats a rock-steady camera.

It was very difficult to try and isolate shells while they were going off so quickly.

The reflection of the water really shows off some of the different shades of color. I really like this shot.

Again, the water really shows off the color. Because the water diffuses the intensity of the star, the colors are more saturated. (This is where digital cameras still need some work.)

You can see in the water they were trying for a red-white-blue effect. Because the blue is typically very dark, they wisely chose to use a crossette-type white shell, so as not to overwhelm the blue. However, the red was very vibrant, and the blue was almost washed out.

Monstrous 12" shell - shutter opened just after it broke. You can see some of the salutes that was inside of the shell.

This is my favorite of the night. Beautiful colors, good reflection on the water - just an increadible display.

This may have had a rising effect. If so, you'd have the dandelion look. (I don't see the burst, so I'm not sure if it had the rising comet.)

Here is where I moved down to the water's edge. The salutes appeared more sharply in the water. (Probably due to a focusing error on my part.)

It was approaching the end of the show, and it was hard to isolate shells.

The Dragon's Eggs makes for a very interesting shot. Most of the stars burn and leave a streak on the 'film', whereas the dragon's eggs sparkle.

With lots of product being put up in the sky, it was easy to get multi-breaks in the shot. In fact, I had to resist keeping the shutter open too long.

This is a pretty good example on why you don't keep your shutter open to long. (Although the color in the water is quite good - but that's not where your eye is first drawn.)

You can tell by the smoke that it was going fast-n-furious here.

I really like this one - a shell-of-shells and micro-stars. This one really came together well.

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