Photoshop Tweaks #2A

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Here is a further example of drawing out dark colors, preserving the bright one, and bringing the background close to black.

This is a very pretty shell, but the colors cover up the nice charcoal that was the main part of the shell. So - what to do?

Well, we know to first crop the image down.
Next, I applied a Curves "Adjustment" Layer. (This allows me to change the curves settings without committing to those changes.)

You'll notice that the gold color all but disappears, or is so dark that it really doesn't do any good.

Duplicate the layer with the shell (not the adjustment layer), and change the blend mode to "Screen".

NOW we have a picture! If you want the gold color even brighter, duplicate the screened layer (the duplicate layer). At this point, the smoke usually becomes a nuisance. You can always reduce the opacity of the third layer - it's all up to you!


Finished version (1024x768):

(This is the one I use as my desktop pattern. At lease for now.)

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