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WWB-18 Night 4 (cont)
My work schedule is insane right now. I could not show up until Friday, and early Monday I was out on my way to Denver. Sheesh. Missed the first night, missed cleanup and the burn pile, and I was tired the entire time. But hey - that's what pays the bills.

I also wouldn't have missed this weekend! I had to miss the last Do It due to health reasons, and I was aching to get up close to some insane and wonderful pyro.

All of these pictures were shot from my Nikon D200 camera with the 17-200 lens. It is a good all-around lens where I need that wide-angle and the telephoto. It's not the best single lens, but it was the best for my needs this weekend.

I love taking pyro pictures, I hope you enjoy looking at them.

These pictures were all shot at the WPA's Western Winter Blast #18, 2007. These pictures are thumbnails images. To see a larger image, click on'em.

All of these pictures are mine and copyrighted. You have permission to use them for your own personal use. If you want to use them in any form of publication, you'll need my permission. These pictures have been compressed for the web and higher quality versions are available. Do me and everybody else a favor - if you're going to publish them make sure they're the higher quality images then work with me. I, and your audience, would appreciate it.

The number one question I get is "How many mega-pixels is your camera?"
My answer? "Hit Counter"