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WWB-17 brought us plenty of great times, and a hand-full of firsts.

The 1st first, is I was able to bring a new camera to the event - a Nikon D200. It is (as of this writing) Nikon's newest addition to their digital line of cameras. Being a 10 megapixel camera, it also racked up over 1600 pictures - almost 4 gigs! (This is after throwing out the out-of-focus and bad shots.) So be prepared - there are a LOT of pictures here. (I will be updating my Pyro Photography page after this part of the project is complete.) One of the biggest differences between the Minolta A2 and the Nikon D200 is the aspect ration has changed. The A2 was 4:3, the Nikon is 3:2 - so the images may appear wide or stretched on your screen. The Nikon format works well with the newer wide screens being sold nowadays.

Because of the shear number of pictures, I had to break them up into a number of pages to allow dial-up folks a chance.

Another first is that A.M. Pyrotechnics debuted some fantastic product, first time in the United States. This is some of the finest product I have seen. If you get a chance to see one of Aaron's shows, make the trip. You'll talk about it for a v-e-r-y long time.

I also arrived on Friday (a business commitment kept me at home for Thursday). Probably just as well. I don't know what I'd do with another gig of pictures.

There are a LOT of people pictured here, and there are a TON of pictures that aren't shown (not enough on-line disk space!). If you see something you'd like, drop me a note. I'll see if there are more pictures and get them to you. Full sized pictures are also available, but since they are 4-6 megs in size, it'll take a while. If you saw me pointing the camera your way, then drop me a note and I'll see what I got. (I did have to throw some away due to technical problems or me just being a klutz.) I've only been able to identify a few people. If you can help me out and point out some names, I'll be sure to include them.

I hope you have fun with these shots. I had a blast taking them and putting them together. I know others have taken pictures - let's share them. If you need some web space, drop me a line and I'll work something out with you.


These pictures were all shot at the WPA's Western Winter Blast #17, 2006. These pictures are thumbnails images. To see a larger image, click on'em.

All of these pictures are mine and copyrighted. You have permission to use them for your own personal use. If you want to use them in any form of publication (on paper, web, or clothing), you'll need my permission. These pictures have been compressed for the web and higher quality versions are available.

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