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I was not able to get over to the Western Winter Blast until after sun-down Thursday evening. As I came over the hill towards Lake Havasu City, AZ, I saw a series of flashes against the clouds. Ah - I knew where Gary Lemon, Rich Vidmar and Rob Folek were. I had to laugh out loud in spite of myself.

These pictures are presented in order taken. I also had to leave on Sunday afternoon to get back to work, so I could not get any of the shots of Sunday's presentation. (Nor any of Kief's Burn Pile Tango demonstration.) The shots of the presentations were taken from the B-Rocket line, so the colors may appear backwards. That being said, let's start with some B-shells.

A crossette B-cake

A view of the C-line business

One Saturn Missle Battery isn't anything to speak of. Do one that sends up, oh, 500 in a short time - now you got something. (Bill McGregor - this one's for you, bro!)

This is one "C" fan cake.

Friday dawned with threatening skies.

It was kind of cold as well - but the hard core pyros were out making 'stuff'. Here Chris Spurrell is putting together some shells.

Rich Vidmar and Gary Elmer were also making up some shells as well.

Food, love, and pyro. Who could ask for anything more? Dunno - ask Allen and Colleen Lillie.

As the day progressed, it started to get wet. (Note for those who know the area - the hills in the background are hidden by the rain.)

Charlie Wilson asking "We left Colorado for THIS?"

Bill Ryan pounding out some one-pound rockets, as the rain was pounded out his awning.

Because of the compacted soil here, it took no time at all to turn rain into mud.

So what do you do when it rains? If you're Donn Daly, you wash your vehicle.

This shot says it all. Pouring rain, awning sagging from the water, coat and hat on for further protection, sitting in about an inch of mud flowing through your camp - and still building pyro. Gotta love it. (Thanks Chris Spurrell!)

The rain finally let up around 2:30 p.m., so it was back to making some more shells. (Rich Vidmar)

As the sun went down, it set off some of it's own fireworks.

I just love desert sunsets.

After open shooting was declared, it was the C-line that set to work.

When you see a white dot, that's a "small pop". When you see a large dot, it's a "bang". When you see a lot of large dots, it's called "Wish I was wearing my hearing protection".

A very cool combination of red, gold and blue.

I think this picture just about sums it all up. This seasoned gentleman was standing there with a fairly large hand-held 'sparkler' (or an overgrown Morning Glory). Just having fun with something so simple. I love it.

That got two more younger gentlemen to grab some of these hand-held beauties.

And who could resist not drawing your name in the sand as the C-line insanity is going on near you?

These pictures were all shot at the WPA's Western Winter Blast #16, 2005.

All of these pictures are mine, but you have permission to use them for your own personal use. If you want to use them in a publication, you'll need my permission. Besides, these pictures have been compressed for the web, and I can get you a much higher quality version of the shot!

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