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Honorable mention to Donn Daly and Steve Majdali for some of the pictures from Do It.

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Do It - SARA Style. Daytime seminars were held at the tent.

Steve Majdali doing his Mighty Mini Bottle Rocket class.

Those mini-bottle rockets were very nice.

Yup, runs in the family.

The manufacturing area was pretty full.

Now THIS is how to do a 'tail-gate' party.

Want beads? Visit this tent.

Hard at work putting some of the Flying Phoenix inserts to good use.

Pyro families rule!

Close up of a half-assembled shell.

It's hard NOT to grin when playing with pyro.

Hard at work on rockets.

OK, every year this truck makes it into the pictures. Can't fight tradition.

More rockets being worked on.

Here's proof of that grin thing again.

With daytime temps at or near 100, shade was a must. That, and some good pinwheels.

(See later pages)

You might think this is a picture of Gary, but it's a self portrait. (Look closely at the glasses.)

More rockets! (Nice headings)

And the afterglows were a great time to get together with friends - and family.

It was a good time to catch up with old friends.

Here's something you sometimes never see - the photographer. (Now you know why I usually am behind the camera.)

The liquid N2/graham cracker was brought out.

And with some liquid N2, what else can you do?

Make some Ice Cream - of course!

Where else can you find someone to share their weenie whistle?

Late Addition: Pyro Art

"Scarred Stars" - courtesy Bill Daly.

And a BIG THANK YOU to the Do It 2005 Staff!!!

Richard Bryant - Safety, Pete Woods - Event CoChair, Don Oesterle - WPA VP, Ann Huffman (sitting) - WPA Treasurer, Lynden King - Armageddon, Kevin Bolinger (back) - Event Chairman, Rita Oesterle - Registration & WPA Secy,
Kurt Medlin - Seminars, Bill McGregor - Security.

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These pictures were all shot at the WPA's Western Do It By The River, 2005.

All of these pictures are mine, but you have permission to use them for your own personal use. If you want to use them in a publication, you'll need my permission. Besides, these pictures have been compressed for the web, and I can get you a much higher quality version of the shot!

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