Air Shows

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I've always tried to strive for pictures that are not normally seen. I mean - you can go just about anywhere and see wonderful shots of Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, warbirds, etc. But I like to try and capture those that are 1) unusual, or 2) of rare aircraft.

Below are some links to air shows that are around the Southern California area.

2006 March Air Force Reserve Base - A very bad day to shoot pictures. 2006 Chino Planes of Fame - A great show, with some one-of-a-kind WWI and WWII vintage aircraft.
2006 Edwards Air Force Base - Wonderful weather for shooting aircraft 2007 NAVC Mt. Mugu - with a LOT of humidity in the air, this made for some great photos
2007 Chino Planes of Fame - Great WWII stuff, including 3 P-38s in the air at the same time! 2008 March Air Reserve Base - Weather was typical for the Moreno Valley, but the clouds added some 'salsa' to the picts.
2008 MCAS Miramar - The day was overcast. We went to the Sat show which went into the evening - and the rain! 2009 Chino Planes of Fame - More great WWII and Korean era war birds. 5 Bearcats, 5 P-51s, a Grumman Duck, and more!
2009 MCAS Miramar - A low/broken cloud level kind of changed things. It also made for some bad images, but these turned out pretty nice!