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  I heard the (de)construction walls were going to go up around the Sun in the DCA hub, so I decided to catch it one last time. Also shot the murals (also going away) and some of the stores around the entrance (which will be rethemed). 
So the DCA "C A L I F O R N I A" sign will disappear, as well as the murals, and, well, all of the entrance area. So I thought that I'd get one last parting shot before construction begins.
Two nights of shooting fun with friends. Caught fireworks of the new Magical! show during testing, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and some other evening goodies!
Some interesting pictures from the Disneyland Hotel "Dreams" Tower. A few from my room, the fireworks from the concierge lounge.
My son, Kyle, was also along for the photo walk. These are his *very* excellent pictures from that night.
We had a photo walk with These are my shots of that night, along with a rather unique perspective for some of the shots. I was also able to borrow a wide angle (14-24) lens for some of the shots. I hope you enjoy them!
Christmas time at Disneyland! Tonight, the fog rolled in after the sun had set. When you're a photographer, you hope for the perfect picture but pray for bad weather. Tonight, I got both. See them here!
These are some of the images from the gallery above but heavily processed. My daughters thought they looked like postcards, so I thought I'd share them here.
I went on a "Photo Walk" with my son and a coworker and his wife. It was also the last night before the boardwalk in DCA was boarded up. See some great shots of Billy Hill and the Hill Billys as well as other areas around the parks. Both parks, one gallery. Take a look!
This pictorial is more of a 1) proof that point-and-shoot cameras can do well if properly set up, and 2) a dare. All images are shot with a Canon A720 (instead of my Nikon D200). It can get some respectable shots, but there ARE limitations. We're in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot and Disneyland for fireworks. Come look and see!
We're heading out of summer and into the fall. As the evenings come sooner, it gives me more time to capture some nice evening/night time pictures without staying up too late! This time, we're in ToonTown and Main Street.
It's now late summer, toward the end of August. Took some day-time shots, then spent most of the evening/night shots over in Tomorrowland. The fireworks were shot from the ramp leading down from Innoventions.
More evening and night time shots with some of my friends. I tried some "white balance" settings that blew me away. That, and the moon was very nice tonight.
Evening shots of the Paradise Pier harbor, and the Disneyland fireworks as seen from DCA area. (Through the bridge)
More Pixar Play Parade, as well as the Flag Retreat Ceremony, Electrical Parade, and some great night shots of DCA. Pictures from March 13th, 2008
Pixar Play Parade preview at DCA. Pictures from March 11th, 2008
Overcast during the day, wet at night. Images in DCA and Disneyland. The fireworks were taken from the Big Thunder Mountain area. Shot Dec 20, 2007
This time, I took fireworks pictures from the Small World area. This set has one of my most favorite images I've shot of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, as well as the 'snow'. Taken the evening of Dec 17th, 2007.
I was looking for more unique positions to capture some more fireworks pictures, especially for reflections. I was able to catch some great night time images from DCA and Toon Town. Taken the evening of Dec 16th, 2007.
Like the Disneyland set below, I went to take a picture of the Mickey in the Fireworks show - - but this time, from a unique location can only be seen when the fireworks are on, but Fantasmic is not. I really like these images. Taken on Nov 27, 2008.
I've been after one particular event at Disneyland that only happens once every weekend night (at this time of year). It's only 3 seconds long, but I've never seen anybody else capture this. Look for the Mickey in the sky. (#12) This night was overcast, which made for some other GREAT shots. Taken on October 27th, 2008.
From way back in 2005, some pictures I took during a fireworks setup/display for the Disney Magic Cruise Ship. (I was part of the pyro crew!)