Tom and Kathy's Alaskan Vacation

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Skagway is the smallest of the three cities we visited, but it had some of the most incredible scenery. We took the White Pass Railroad - up into the Arctic zone. (This section of Alaska, the water is always too warm - that's why it rains so much.)

This shot is from our stateroom window - 6 a.m.

During our trip to Skagway, we spotted our first glacier. (Not sure which one this is.)

The further north we travelled, the cooler (colder!) it got. Still, it was in the low to mid-50s, so it wasn't too bad.

Here is a single, solitary island being snowed on. I've never seen anything like this.

This peak is directly accross the channel from Skagway. Simply breath-taking.

While on the White Pass Railroad, we saw an increadible rainbow. Even the locals thought this was too cool for words!

Although this looks like an H.O. model, it's the real thing, on a real wooden tressel. Kinda gives you the willies as you approach it.

White Pass is over 4100 feet in altitude - well into the Arctic zone. The color of the water is from the glacier silt.

On the bus trip back from White Pass, we stopped at the U.S. Alaska sign.

Note - it had started snowing about 20 minutes previous, and was starting to come down hard.

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