Tom and Kathy's Alaskan Vacation

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Our first 'port of call' was Ketchikan, where the annual rain fall is 18 FEET per year! It rains 5 out of 7 days, and had rained 30 inches in the two week previous to our arrival. As anticipated, it rained off-and-on all day, but never too heavy. We took a boat tour of the city, as well as visited the Saxon Totem Village.

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This is our cruise ship, Vision of the Seas, docked at Ketchican. (Our 'stateroom' is the bottom-most portholes - 6th from the stern.)

It was inbetween salmon runs, so there were not too many Bald Eagles out.

One tour guide said that during the salmon runs, the Bald Eagles are about as plentiful as pidgeons!

So, you wanna move to Alaska? I know a place for sale...

Here, Kathy is admiring the close shave of the totems at the Saxon Villiage.

Some are proud to be seen with the totems. Others - well.....

After Ketchican, we were back in the channel. If you want to get away from it all, you can always man this lighthouse.

At one point, the captain announced that there were whales ahead. We got to watch them feed!

While fishing may be hard, the view is increadible.

This looks like Smaug the Dragon would come flying out at any time.

While we had cloud cover for the majority of the time we were on the cruise, sometimes it would break - just to give us a treat.

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