Tom and Kathy's Alaskan Vacation

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We spent the day at Juneau on two tours - one combined a tour of a salmon hatchery, the Chapel By The Lake (Auke Lake), and the Mendenhall Glacier. This was in the morning. Although the day started bright and clear, the fog soon settled in and the glacier all but disappeared. In the afternoon, we took a whale watching tour. This was much more exciting for us, and we had plenty of photo opportunities to view the whales. However, the whales kind of spaced themselves apart, so we were sometimes forced to scurry from one whale sighting to another.

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Couldn't resist - at a display at a salmon hatchery, this star fish looked like it was telling me off.

The weather is sometimes unpredictable at best. Here Kathy is standing in front of the Mendenhall Glacier. Oh well.

The whale-watching trip was much more successfull.

The whales were appearing in pairs, but were spaced fairly far apart, forcing us to scurry from site to site.

The whales would go deep as we approached - their standard way of avoidance.

The ice-flow that feeds the Mendenhall Glacier can be seen in the background.

Here, the Mendenhall Glacier is visible - but from afar.

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