Tom and Kathy's Alaskan Vacation

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Ham-bone Goof Offs

Weeellllll . . .  We realized that there were a lot of shots of scenery, but we did have a lot of fun. Here are some shots of us goof-offs, hamming it up for the camera. (These shots more for other family members.)

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Kathy hears my camera go off, so she decided to take an 'over the shoulder' shot back at me.

...and me, being somewhat of a ham, couldn't resist. You gets what you pays for.

Of course, what pictures she does take ain't all that bad.

Here, Kathy helps me demonstrate the photographer's best tool - the bottom-lip bite.

I guess it's only fair. You take one of me ...

... then I take one of you!

Real early on, we realized the Crown Royal lounge/bar was the place to hang out - - and drink Coca-cola??!?

What a beautiful site. And the sunset ain't all that bad, either.

On the White Pass Railroad, Kathy sets up the shot and takes it.

And I'm thinking "And she leaned over THIS handrail??!?!?"

Kathy's vice - Chocolate. Favorite time: Midnight Chocolate Buffet.

Tom's vice: Pyrotechnics. Favorite time: Fantasizing about all that sulfur piled up on a pier in Vancouver.

"Liarsville" in Skagway - Tom hanging out in his favorite location.

Liarsville - Kathy trying to entice me to hang out for a while.

We did encounter a storm - 40-50 knot winds, gusts to 70. (20-25' seas the night before!)

And yeah - I could actually lean into the wind and not fall over.

OK, so it did get cold - but we were out on the water, a slight breeze, and on a jet-boat whale-watching event.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience. We HIGHLY recommend others to go experience Alaska.

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